Zero Downtime Deploys

Instant App High Availability and App Lifecycle Management on DigitalOcean w/ no instance limits.

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One Click Full Stack High Availability

Deploy load balanced web applications for instant high availability with zero configuration.

Zero Downtime Upgrades

Droppanel's application lifecycle management provides rolling live upgrade management and maintenance window control.

Full Server Control

Droppanel is application management for DigitalOcean making it easy to manage droplets and images from a logical application, while still providing full access to the infrastructure.

Do more with droppanel

  • Image & Droplet Management

    Images deployed to your app are versioned and tracked so that you can review previous configurations and rollback to previous images

  • Live Upgrades

    Perform rolling upgrades across your application to ensure 100% uptime for code deployments

  • No Scripting Necessary

    Droppanel comes with a full UI for all of its features. Get your app up and running in seconds without needing to learn a configuration language or specialized command line tool

  • Open Source Deployments

    Deploy popular highly available infrastructures on all major programming languages and platforms including Ruby, Java, PHP, Python, & Node.JS

  • Just Shell

    Droppanel images are configured with just universal Shell commands. No need to learn a proprietary configuration language, command line tool or DSL

  • Community Library

    Droppanel ships with a library of community supported shell scripts for popular installations. Get started deploying environments quickly

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